Bucket of Balls (25 Balls included)

Bucket of Balls (25 Balls included)
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Product Description

This kit includes the 5 gallon bucket predrilled for the float (included) supply tube grommet (preinstalled) 25 feet of 1/2" poly tubing, 25 Olla Balls, 25 barbed fittings, shut off valve and the lid for the bucket.

These are buried underground (we recommend 1 per vegetable or flower) about 2" below your plants roots. As long as your bucket has water in it, the balls will always stay full - therefore your plant will have all the water it needs and wants on demand, 24 hours a day. This system uses up to 90% less water than traditional irrigation and we have found that with the Olla Balls they produce more fruit, have a longer growing life and do not stress out the way traditional irrigation plants do.

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