Economy Olla Ball starter kit.

Economy Olla Ball starter kit.
Item# olla-balls

Product Description

It is an emitter, that is buried under, or near a plant's root system. It makes an osmotic field, of moisture underground.

The patent pending, Olla Ball irrigation system, provides a new and useful way to water and feed your plants with low maintenance for the gardener. It also saves on water wasting, as the plant only takes what it needs.

Top soil is rarely wet (unless it rains) therefore, cutting down on weed population and unwanted insect population.

The reservoir is hooked up to a water supply line. The Olla Balls are buried then gravity fed water, continuously.

Kit includes: (1) Reservoir with lid (color may very) (6) Olla Balls (6) 1/4" Tee fittings (1) Float valve (1) 1/4" shut off valve (1) Approx. 10' 1/4" poly supply line (1) Set of detailed color instructions